Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Episode 2767 4 July 2019

Madhavi requires them to ask about the progress they’ve made. Tapu assures that they will complete the job in some moment. He disconnects the call and return to work.
Bhide informs her he’s starting out of the marketplace and it might take him half an hour to reach home. Madhavi believes that the children would be able to finish work by then. She does not state anything to Bhide and allows him return home.

Madhavi subsequently comes to fulfill Tapu Sena in Dr Hathi’s home. Madhavi informs them Bhide will reunite in another half an hour. This leaves Tapu Sena stressed and they tell her to drive Bhide uncle to return again. Bhide is baffled but finally agrees to proceed. Gogi calls his dad and asks him the way they ought to mend a dent. Gogi learns they were doing everything wrong. Goli subsequently gets them a scoop to strike the board.

But, the spade is too tiny. So Goli utilizes his hand. It doesn’t help. Tapu subsequently calls Abdul to receive a significant spade in the society’s office. Abdul hurries and has you for them. Madhavi believes they’re nearly completed and calls Bhide. She asks him to not find the peas.

Tapu handles to facilitate off the dent, but it turn hurts the paint onto the board. She offers to assist Tapu Sena by performing herself. All of them go to her property. Bhide disconnects the telephone angrily.

Madhavi starts to feel stressed. All of them think they won’t understand Bhide’s whereabouts now. Anjali completes the paint and informs Tapu Sena they’d require a dryer. Tapu decides to receive it out of Babita aunty.

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