Google looking to Get CEO Sundar Pichai’s replacement? Job posting surprises LinkedIn consumers

If you’re one of the individuals who seen this fantasy job then we need to be the bearer of terrible news and mention that replacement telling on LinkedIn has been imitation.

The project was posted through an online aide in Netherlands, Michel Rijnders, who subjected a loophole and revealed a insect allowed him to make job postings such as Google as well as LinkedIn CEOs. He added he was able to pull off this without no additional price.

Michel Rijnders subjected the insect that could allow everyone to exploit the recruiting platform and then accumulate sensitive details of consumers. Rijnders additional that LinkedIn should not allow users to track jobs for different businesses or at least have a disclaimer stating that the bill has not yet been authorised by the business.

The bug allowed users to edit a project posting after a project was submitted by the enterprise to resemble a official-looking project opening.

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